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Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Have you ever asked the Universe for a sign? A sign that you were on the right path or that something was the right choice for you? For so long when asking the Universe for a sign I was asking for something specific, my sign, an object that had come to me after meditating one day. I recently learnt, in the most magical way, to STOP asking for one specific sign.

How Not To Ask For A Sign

My sign was a key. For those that may not be familiar with asking for signs from the Universe, it doesn’t always have to be the physical object, animal, etc that might appear for you. For instance if your chosen sign was a parrot, you might see a picture of one on the front of a book, a TV show or ad might come on featuring parrots or someone might start talking about parrots in conversation, it could show up in any form.

Whenever I had been praying to the Universe or my spirit guides I would be open to seeing my sign without being desperate to see it, but I’ll be honest, in the whole time, I never once saw my key. I never let it deter me from communicating and asking for guidance but did wonder if I was going wrong somewhere.

The last few months I have felt in total alignment, I can actually feel the rays of sunshine beaming out of me, because my heart has been so full, I had stopped asking for signs, I had sort of forgotten all about it. On the way to work a few weeks ago I had the most intense experience that left me feeling completely supported, guided and grateful. Every morning on the way to work I like to listen to a podcast (I detest the radio). On this day the particular one I wanted to listen to was an episode that related to a blog I was writing. I thought it would be beneficial to listen to somebody else’s view on the topic. I pushed play and pulled out of the garage. The intro started and just as I turned onto the street, it cut out.

Thinking it was perhaps the sound system I flicked through the other sources, but everything else was working fine. Now for those that don’t know me, I like to break the rules of convention and “normality”, but I do not like to break any laws or put myself in a position where I have even a remote chance of getting in trouble, so I do NOT touch my phone while driving. So I realised, since I refuse to listen to the radio, I was going to have to sit in silence for the next 35 minutes.

I giggled to myself and told the Universe I got the message loud and clear, I didn't need to listen to that particular podcast. Just as I finished speaking (to the Universe, but to any passers by, seemingly to myself), driving down the hill, I came round a bend and there straight in front of me was a giant rainbow and I laughed again. I won’t say it hit me like a tone of bricks, because it didn’t hurt, it wasn't a negative feeling, but it hit me in the most profound way.

When I am in a great mood, when life feels in flow, when I feel in alignment, I will always see rainbows and butterflies. I have always been in awe of that, but never connected it to universal alignment. Seeing that rainbow in front of me after speaking to the Universe was a massive wake up call. There have been signs around me this whole time. I was just so focused on this one particular sign I was asking for, my key, I had completely ignored every other sign the Universe was sending me.

For the rest of the drive, like an instant download, I had a rush of ideas and text ready for the launch of this new site and the initial blogs. So fast that without the ability to write it down as I was driving, I struggled to remember it all. Once my mind had slowed, and the download stopped, I said thanks. I was still completely surprised and so extremely grateful for not only this download of information that I took as the sign that yes, this is what I am meant to be doing, but also being hit with a rainbow wake up call. After expressing my gratitude the strongest smell of flowers surrounded me for a few moments then disappeared, I’ve never experienced anything like that before, it gave me this intense feeling of being loved and guided.

How The Universe Communicates With Us

The Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels, Goddesses, whomever you call too, they are going to communicate with you in a way that resonates with you. Not with one particular sign, but with the entire universal toolbox. We are always being guided, we just have to learn to pay attention. To start bringing more awareness to what is really going on around us and to what is showing up.

Think about the things that make you the happiest, make you feel alive, the things that light you up, make your heart flutter or give you the goosebumps. It could be the sunshine appearing from behind a cloud, a gentle breeze, spotting wildflowers, someone offering a hug out of nowhere, a strangers smile, the feeling of a cat grazing against your legs as it passes by, seeing an unexpected animal cross your path, the sound of birds or a babies laughter. The things that make you smile, the things that make you feel calm, at ease and at peace. These are the things the Universe will use to reassure you, to communicate with you.

Similarly, the Universe will warn us when we’re not on the right path. A headache before a yoga class, perhaps you were not meant to do that class? Maybe you might have injured yourself. Car broken down? Perhaps you might have been in an accident if you left when you tried to. Rental application denied? Maybe there was something wrong with that house that could have affected your health or there were horrible neighbours next door that were going to keep you up all night.

When you’re living in alignment, in flow, when life feels easy, you will start to see these signs more frequently. It’s time to stop asking for or looking for one particular sign. It’s time to expand your awareness and start to really look and feel what’s going on around and within you.

The Universe only wants what’s good for you. Wants you to live your life with joy and abundance. She want’s you to live your Dharma, your purpose. Let her guide you and you will see there is magic everywhere.

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

In asking the Universe for a sign, you are telling the Universe you are happy to hand this matter over to her and have complete faith in her guidance. You must completely surrender your worry, stress or confusion, and have complete trust. Without trust, we can easily fall into desperation. Looking everywhere for a sign. From personal experience, the harder you look, the less likely you are to see them. Let the weight of your worry melt away and trust that the Universe has your best intentions and highest self at heart.

It’s important to remember that all not signs will come quickly. Some might happen straight away, some might take much longer and some may come even when not asked for, like my rainbow. Then there are times where all your going to get is silence, this too is a sign.

Take a few deep breaths, on each exhale let go of anything your holding onto. If you find this hard at first try actually saying what you’re letting go of, “I let go of the stress from work”, “ I let go of the fight with Mum”.

Become really clear in your mind of what you would like guidance on. You can also say what it is out loud, affirming it to the Universe or write it down. Then use the following affirmation;

“Thank you Universe for your love and guidance. If this is the right path for me please show me a sign."

Most importantly, now you can let it go. It’s in the hands of the Universe and it’s time to trust her guidance. Remember to be aware of the world around you. Get out of your bubble and pay attention to the things that keep showing up, how do they make you feel, how do they align with you. Don’t close yourself off by just choosing “one” sign. Let the Universe use your world and your surroundings to guide you, to communicate with you.

I have noticed the biggest difference since opening up to this new way of communicating with the Universe and I hope it makes a big difference for you to.

If you try this practice I'd love to know how you go, tag me in any social media posts so I can cheer you on, @amandaadrift, or send me a message.

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