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A step-by-step guide to creating more balance in your life.

It was three years ago that I decided enough was enough. I was no longer going to allow myself to feel like a victim of the universe. Like the world was against me, like nothing ever went my way.

I spent months reading online articles and books, listening to podcasts and consuming as much as I could on motivation, self confidence, empowerment, affirmations, the law of attraction and how our brain works, I dove head first into the self development rabbit hole as well as completing an online mediation course. I then simplified everything I had learnt and started putting it into practice. I started a little “self experiment”.

My goals going into my self experiment were;

  • To stop feeling like a victim of the universe

  • To appreciate and be grateful for the life I have

  • To live more in the moment and start enjoying the journey

  • To reduce anxiety and stress, especially in situations I have no control over

A few months later I felt like a completely different person. I was no longer constantly living in the future. Yes, I still have plans, goals and things I’m working towards but I was no longer live in the “things will be better when”, or “I just can’t wait till…” mentality. My stress levels had dropped and I found myself laughing in situations that normally would have had me in tears in the bottom of the shower (my safe place).

Feeling so incredibly happy and proud of my efforts and results, I decided to share my little experiment with a couple of people close to me. Unbelievably, one of my little volunteer guinea pigs ended up having even better results than I could have ever dreamed of and to this day I still can't believe the impact it had on her life. To say I am proud of her for putting in the effort is an understatement. There are just no words that could possibly explain the feeling of seeing someone step into their true selves. Since then, I have been developing and redefining the program and sharing it with even more people with amazing results.

So what did I do? Well today I’m going to share with you the first step, a life balance assessment. To see where you are, in life, right now. So if you’re ready to make some positive changes in your life and inspire your own future, grab a pen and some paper and lets get started.

The Life Balance Assessment

To be honest, achieving a perfect balance in life is near impossible. So, by completing the Life Balance test, our end goal is not to create “perfect” balance, but to find out what areas of our life might need more energy and attention. By spreading our energy and attention out a little more evenly you will find that the other areas in your life that tend to have a heavier focus become easier or more enjoyable.

Download the Balance Assessment worksheets from the Tool Chest

How To Do Your Life Balance Test

Step One

Download the Balance Assessment worksheets (as seen above) from the Tool Chest (Subscribe to be emailed the Tool Chest password) and print off, or simply cut up or tear off strips of scrap paper, you’ll need at least 30 strips and grab a pen.

Step Two

Starting at Monday morning, on each piece of paper write down every action you complete throughout the day/week/month. For example;

Wake up and shower, apply make up and get dressed for work, drive 45 minutes to work, have breakfast at my desk, 8 hours of work, 45 minutes drive home, walk dog, prepare dinner, eat dinner in front of TV, 1-2 hours TV, bed, these are all seperate actions.

Don’t forget to include anything you do weekly, bi weekly, monthly, occasionally etc, e.g. lunch with best friend once a fortnight, yoga every Thursday, visit Nanna once every two months.

Step Three

Now that you have written down everything that takes up your time and energy it’s time to separate them into "The Eight" categories.

Tip: I like to cut up "The Eight" from the worksheets and lay out in front of me or stick on to envelopes or jars and place all actions in their categories.

  • Career – Work, education & business. Career development.

  • Family – Time spent with children, Mum, Dad, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents & relatives.

  • Relationship – Boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife.

  • Fun – What do you do that makes you smile? That fills you up with joy?

  • Self-Care – Time spent taking care of you. Massage, manicure, bath, walk, reading a book?

  • Health – Looking after your body, mind & soul.

  • Friends – Those special people we choose to have in our lives.

  • Adult Life – Those everyday things we have to do. Showering, food shopping, paying bills, driving to work.

What To Do With Your Results

Now that you have all your actions divided into their categories I want you to take a good long look. Count how many items are in each pile. Are they fairly balanced? Or do you perhaps have some categories that have a lot more than others? Do you perhaps have a category that is empty? How does that make you feel?

Putting our time and energy into each one of these categories is important. We need to work or earn an income. Without money we wouldn’t be able to pay bills, have a roof over our heads, put food on the table or pay for the other necessities in life. Let alone for the more fun things in life, travel, meeting a friend for brunch, family picnics, date night at the cinema, whatever it is that brings joy to your life. Along with actually earning an income, it is crucial for our wellbeing that what we do to earn a living brings us joy, not pain.

We must remember that as important as it is to both have a source of income and to enjoy it, that it's also important to put time and energy into the other areas of your life. Without spending time on yourself, your health, with your family, friends and loved ones, we slowly burn out.

If you’ve got some areas of your life that could do with some more attention, do something about it. Set yourself some new goals. Whether it’s scheduling more time with family, learning to spend more time on you, taking an online course at night to work towards a career that you love, introducing one healthy meal a day or making one night a week a date night. Start creating more balance in your life.

What To Do With Some Of Those Adult Tasks

Now, for all of us, that Adult Life category can get pretty full and can sometimes feel like it’s weighing us down. There are a few little tricks you can do to make some of those pesky tasks feel a little less Adult and a little more like they belong in the Fun or Self-Care category.

Why not make your own coffee or sugar body scrub to leave in the shower to invigorate your morning routine before work. If you shower at night why not change one of your showers into a relaxing bath once a week? Pop on some music, light some candles and relax.

Whether your driving or using public transport for your commute to and from work why not inspire your day with a motivating audio book or podcast? There are so many different audio books and podcasts, learn a new language, listen to your favourite comedian or that new book you haven’t had time to read yet. Use the time to relax, inspire or educate yourself.

There are many ways to make your “Adult” tasks feel a little less burdensome. Be creative, think outside the box.

I hope you’ve gained a little more insight into the “balance” of your life. Remember, we’re not aiming to have a perfectly balanced life, we just want to make sure our time and energy is spread a little more evenly.

Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s. We are all on our own journey, each completely unique. Focus on your balance, on your journey.

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